The South Korean province of Gyeongsang has established a blockchain-based strategy for personal management services, which will be spread as part of the new corona virus (Covid-19) to improve personal services

According to local media Yonhap newsthe The blockchain-based administration service is intended to improve the transparency and reliability of public proceduresthrough the proliferation of contactless service, particularly as a result of the global pandemic Covid-19.

Mainly The information strategy plan analyzes the current status of the administrative service and the work environment, Compare global advanced blockchain cases and develop an objective platform model Service based on this technology.

The strategy in addition, designs the structure of the system and calculates the necessary budgets, creates medium and long-term development plansfor service platforms and creates step-by-step implementation plans, stands out the report.

Blockchain-based public services

In the province Gyeongsang southThey also hope to apply blockchain technology to some public service tasks. The service is presented in Gyeongsang G-Lab, an experimental risk organization that is dedicated to digital innovation in the public service and is to be promoted in parallel to the digital platform for the public service Distributed identity verification (DID).

Blockchain technology for distributed identity authentication, minimizes the risk of violations and loss of personal informationand it is expected that the province ‘s residents can obtain information and request public services through which digital identity verification (Smart Citizen Card) mounted on the phone, supported by blockchain.

The Professor Sang-Won Kim, Member of the project, insured:

We are preparing to proactively distribute non-personal services using blockchain technology, the core technology of the fourth industrial revolution, according to Covid-19. We will enable citizens to provide innovative and responsive public services

In South KoreaI’ve already worked with that Blockchain technology to develop various initiatives that focus on citizen identities, medical service cards, and documentationIn addition, it is expected that the government of South Korea next year Allocate resources for technology-related initiatives.

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