:Spain: The government is trying to achieve a minimum income in the face of the corona virus crisis


Amid a severe economic crisis, which was affected by the effects of Corona virusand as part of a series of measures, the Spanish government is trying to introduce a minimum essential income (universal basic income or UBI).


In Spain, the government is preparing to implement a “vital minimum income ”, a figure also known as Universal Basic Income (UBI) that tries to cushion the economic effects caused by the Corona virus in the most disadvantaged population groups. This has been reported by various media in this country, citing statements from various members of the executive.

UBI It is an unconditional and regular payment to all citizens of a country. The amount of money paid to each person may vary due to demographic factors such as age. DailyBitcoin reported in 2017 that Ethereum could help with these types of initiatives.

Iran is the only country that has implemented a program UBI in the form of monthly cash transfers to individual family accounts (2011). Most other countries have only tested payments for relatively small groups or for short periods.

Minimum income in Spain for the most vulnerable

“”We are working to ensure that there is a minimum income as soon as possible“Pablo Iglesias, second vice president of the government and head of social rights, said in an interview offered to the digital Eldiario.es.

For Iglesias, the economic impact of COVID-19 should be approached differently from the 2008 financial crisis, which primarily affected the “most vulnerable classes“”

In this sense, Iglesias recalled that the Spanish government had previously taken a number of measures. Among them: “Ensuring the right to live during the alarm state, prohibiting the reduction of basic services or avoiding layoffs through a subsidy systemHe said.

However, according to Iglesias, it is necessary to reinforce what the government calls “social protection shieldGiven the crisis of COVID-19. This would be tantamount to a type of basic income that is similar to that recently demanded by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and for which neither the amount nor the access is currently known. In this context, Iglesias said:

“The minimum vital income has already been discussed and it is clear that this has to be done. There is still work to be done to maintain dialogue between the various teams and also with the autonomous communities. But I hope we’ll have it done soon. “

Consensus and upcoming approval of minimum living income

In a similar sense to Iglesias, the third vice president, Nadia Calviño, who is responsible for the government’s economic area, said in an interview with the television station The sixth: “We will implement the minimum vital income as soon as possible.”He referred to the plans of the Minister for Social Security, José Luis Escribé, who coordinates the project.

Despite what Calviño said, the Spanish media has reported several disagreements between her and Iglesias over the past few weeks about the strategy when facing the problem Crisis of Corona virus.

On the one hand, Iglesias supports drastic measures with large public investments to mitigate the effects of the crisis. For its part, Calviño tends to be more moderate in order not to trigger public spending.

In this context, both aim to implement UBIshows A large consensus within the executive branch so that their approval is imminent.

Furthermore COVID-19

For Calviño, this is the government’s broader goal Basic income becomes an instrument “that it remains forever, that it becomes a structural instrument, a permanent instrument“”

After BloombergSpain is the country with the second worst outbreak Corona virus in Europe. The pandemic has urged the government to order a state of emergency, block the country and bring the economy to a standstill.

On the other hand, as Iglesias has previously shown, the government has announced a number of measures to help the self-employed and businesses, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, but has also announced that further action will be needed.

Spain the first

Yes UBI It is being successfully implemented as planned, Spain would be the first country in Europe to introduce it at the national level in the long term.

Spain is currently the second largest country most affected by the pandemic Corona virusA total of 135,032 positive cases and 13,055 deaths were reported on Monday. This is according to the British media Independently.

The country’s economy almost came to a standstill during a strict quarantine on March 14. Schools, shops and restaurants are closed, the sales outlet said. People can only leave their homes to get important supplies or go to work when they cannot work from home.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, for his part, said that weekend restrictions would remain in force until April 26 at the earliest. It remains to be seen how this news will develop in a country where the tax authority is putting pressure on taxpayers for cryptocurrency operations.

Sources: ElDiario: It, the sixth, Bloomberg, Independently (Great Britain).

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

Image from Pixabay


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