Spencer Dinwiddie, the guardian of the Brooklyn Nets, recently launched a campaign for a total of 2,625.8 BTC or about $ 24.5 million to give fans the opportunity to choose their future NBA team.

Spencer Dinwiddie may be one of the American athletes and possibly the world who is most committed to technology and Bitcoin in the future, regular in terms of comments in favor of the cryptocurrency and optimistic about the future.

Actually, Dinwiddie these to become a pioneer in tokenizing sports professionalswith his initiative Tokenize your NBA contract, with which he would like to raise part of it through investors who are accredited with his personal token and offer the participants interest and profit.

In this way, the guard of the Nets tries to become a benchmark for athletes who want to strengthen their careers and finances, although the initiative a Resistance from the NBA, which initially accused the player of illegally using his contract as an investment vehicle, although he later loosened his position by giving the option Dinwiddie to start the process.

Bitcoin and fans

Recently what started as a humorous reply to a message from Twitterbecame a campaign of GoFundMe plans to raise over $ 24 million, something 2625.8 BTC at the time when the The Nets player offered to sign a one-year contract with the team fans to decide whether to increase the BTC amount You want to.

Furthermore, Dinwiddie add that If it does not reach the goal, it donates the total funds raised to charities. The campaign description states:

I just create this GoFundMe as a commitment to my previous tweets. As of now, 2625.8 BTC is equivalent to approximately $ 24,632,630. When we reach the goal, I will allow the fan base to determine the decision of my next team and sign a one-year contract at that destination. If we don’t reach the goal, I will donate 100% of this campaign to charity. Fan engagement comes in all shapes and sizes, have fun people!

On the other hand, the basketball player has made it clear in subsequent news that The campaign has nothing to do with tokenizing his contract, which he mentioned is in progressbut was looking for a way to «Democratize the choice of your next team» through the free market of a decision.

At the time of writing this publication was Bell jar was about to be reached $ 1,000.

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