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Every job has a suitable tool to execute it. Trading cryptocurrencies is no exception to this rule. Well, without a broker to work with, it will be practically impossible for us to get positive results in the crypto market. Therefore, today we would like to give you an overview of the StormGain broker so that you know the features that it offers and take these into account when investing in the crypto market.

Basic facts about Stormgain Broker

Surname: StormGain
founding year: 2019
Country of registration: United Kingdom
Minimum deposit: USD 10T

user friendliness

StormGain is one of the newest brokers in the crypto market and was only founded in 2019. Even so, StormGain is gaining a foothold in the cryptocurrency market and offers some of the most competitive features that can be among the major brokers in the world today.

Therefore, StormGain specializes in performing operations with future contracts for cryptocurrencies. This does not mean that you cannot simply buy, sell and store crypto assets on this platform. Trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Tether today.

All of this in its trading platform, completely intuitive and with versions for Android and iOS. Within this you not only have all the information on the screen that you need, but also the opportunity to experiment with new trading strategies by opening a demo account. With which you can experiment with 50,000 virtual USDT.

The trading platform is essential for our review of the Stormgain broker
The virtual trading platform of the StormGain broker

Deposits and withdrawals

In terms of deposits and withdrawals, StormGain has tried to set minimum and maximum amounts that allow everyone to enter the crypto market. From small investors who only want to deposit a few dollars on the platform, to large traders who operate with several thousand at the same time.

For this purpose StormGain offers various deposit and withdrawal options. Including the use of credit cards, bank deposits and direct transfers between cryptocurrency wallets. 5% commission on fiat money deposits via credit cards and 0% when using cryptocurrencies.


StormGain has striven to make trading on its platform a positive experience for its users. First of all, it offers leverage of up to 1: 200 for your investments. This gives you enough margin to make big profits from your business.

They also offer us a range of promotions to expand our options for making profits. Including an interest rate of up to 10% on the deposits you keep on the platform, a loyalty program with bonuses of up to 15% as well as partner programs and recommendations to a friend who rewards you for each new user. Thank you to register with the broker.

All this combined with customer service that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So that no user who needs Stormgain technical support is left without adequate attention at the desired time.


Several times here at CryptoTrend we analyzed a broker that is as complete as StormGain. This exchange platform not only offers us the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies via a simple, fast and secure interface. But it also offers the option of using your website as a wallet for our crypto assets.

What, combined with careful customer service, attractive promotions that allow us to add to our earnings, and competitive commissions in all sectors. We can now complete our review of the StormGain broker.


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