The writer J.K. Rowling, The author of the Harry Potter saga books expressed concern about Bitcoin. Rowling replied via Twitter this Friday, May 15, to a mention she was included in after a tweet from Bitcoin journalist Leigh Cuen.

It all started with Cuen’s original publication, which referred to a “well-known writer” who had contacted her and asked about Bitcoin. User Marvin Ammori replied to this tweet by tagging Potter’s creator with the simple message: “Rowling is my favorite.”

Cuen later explained that “if the creator of Harry Potter ever came to her,” she would die of happiness “. Surprise! A few hours later, the same writer replied straight to the point: “I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me. “

The journalist placed herself under Rowling’s command and revealed one of the basic principles of Bitcoin: the lack of centralized control by the authorities. He also invited her to write to him in a private message and shared some articles of his own authorship as examples of possible Bitcoin use cases.

Cuen’s reading recommendations weren’t very well received by some tweeters. The articles published by the journalist included mentions of the use of Bitcoin by sex workers and Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

Among the messages that declined his recommendations, the tweeters regretted that Cuen had “missed” such an opportunity to introduce Bitcoin to a person as heavy as Rowling.

Another Bitcoiner replied to one of these messages to defend the examples. “Bitcoin doesn’t care. I can’t think of a better example to demonstrate uncensored non-governmental money,” wrote @taarushv.

Bitcoin explained with Harry Potter?

Rowling didn’t suddenly post about Bitcoin by accident. The publication was a response to a message that essentially called it up on the subject. However, the response from the Bitcoiner community on the social network was immediate and extremely funny.

Some of the news They reject the decentralization of Bitcoin against the central authority described in the Potter saga, the bank for magician Gringotts. Others, even funnier, compared the freedom Harry Dobby gave through a sock. “Bitcoin is this sock,” said the user who brought the scene up for discussion.

In the fictional world of Harry Potter, magicians can also keep their money decentrally and securely. Although users claim that no one is as private and reliable as Bitcoin. Source: Twitter.

Rowling’s Tweet has received over 1,300 replies so far. In them, Bitcoiners were given the task of showing exactly what Bitcoin is and how it works. Interestingly, even Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, participated in these answers and tried to summarize the meaning of Bitcoin in three messages.

After the wave of replies with various explanations, Rowling tweeted again on this topic. Maybe it’s the number of messages, but The new tone with which he referred to Bitcoin shows a certain rejection. In one of her new messages, the author described the explanations as a kind Chatter senseless.

In a recent message, Rowling said that “he will never understand Bitcoin”. In the same tone thanked the good intentions of those who have taken the time to explain something that is “white noise” for them.

If you want to understand how Rowling Bitcoin, you can contact Cryptopedia and the glossary terms available at CryptoNews.


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