The Binance Exchange Office opens five vacancies in Brazil


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, opened five jobs for residents of Brazil, particularly in the city of São Paulo.

According to the company, vacancies are offered to a director of business development, a community or social media manager, a development and marketing specialist, a chief operating officer, and a senior recruiter. Please note that for all fees, Binance requires relevant experience. Candidates without the required experience will not be considered, »he warns.

In this case, the recruiter position that is responsible for selecting the best candidates on the market stands out in the Binance offer. Therefore, Binance’s search for such a specialist for use in Brazil suggests that the company may make a major landing in the country.

According to the Binance press office The currency exchange worked without haste. A note sent to Portal do Bitcoin media on April 4 states:

Binance is pursuing a global expansion strategy. For this reason, the company strives to expand its employees in strategic markets. There are some jobs for Brazil, but nothing has been done in a hurry or quick decision.

Some requirements

According to the description, Binance needs a specialist with at least 10 years experience for the position of Director of Business Development. According to the text, the candidate must have experience in the areas of law, advice, investment banking or payment transactions as well as extensive knowledge of regulatory issues.

For the position of manager for social networks, the company also needs proof that the specialist has performed this function correctly and shows his experience with social networks. In addition, the candidate must master terminology and be up to date on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology trends.

On the other hand, the candidate for the position as marketing and development specialist must have at least 3 years of experience in marketing planning. As described, you need knowledge of “technology, internet, E-commerce and consumer-oriented companies (Business-to-consumer) », Also known as B2C, a form of direct trade between supplier and end user.

The professional who will lead Binance’s expansion into Brazilian territory is asked to have at least 8 years of experience in this position. In addition to fluent English and Mandarin knowledge (desirable), the CEO must have a “passion for crypto and digital assets”.

“We’re trying to change an entire sector, and it will take time. Passion encourages you to work every morning,” the description said.

Binance also has two vacancies for other Latin American countries: Specialist in Public Relations (PR) for the development and marketing sector and Regional Manager for the operational area.

According to the company, despite the crisis caused by the corona virus, the company believes that “in a difficult time it is important to create more jobs and open new jobs”.

Translated version of items by Wagner Riggs, published on Portaldobitcoin.


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