After Crypto.com Visa MCO was one of the first cards on the market, it is said to be the only crypto card provider in Asia, the entire European Union (EU) and the United States.

With presence in 31 markets in Europe, the The Crypto.com card is the world’s most available cryptocurrency card, as announced by the company in a publicationwhile of these 31 countries, including 27 EU member states, a market of almost 530 million people.

The start of the card in Europe, comes to the after his start United Kingdom and the United States. The map Signature MCO Visawas first launched in Singapore in 2018 and has continued to expand worldwide since then.

Crypto.comhas expanded as part of its expansion Europe, including the Comply with legal regulations in the payment system and create communities that support most EU languages, for better care with immediate support.

The Crypto.com co-founder and CEO Kris Marszaleksaid in the statement:

Crypto.com has separated from the package and focused on building an end-to-end crypto ecosystem that offers a high level of security. Our easy-to-use application acts as a single hub to manage all of your financial encryption needs. Once the cards are paired with the app, users can buy, sell and earn cryptocurrency and instantly get a loan

Which in turn the United States admits Top-ups in cryptocurrencies and fiat, in addition to being compatible with Apple and Google Play. In addition, the Top-ups with fiat money give users the ability to store their crypto walletbut spend money through Fiat, can earn up to 5% of the cashback in crypto.

In this sense, the countries that now have support Crypto.com MCO Visa in Europe are in addition to Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Greece , Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg and Iceland, How review your website.

The company ensures that it also meets the needs of the customer Covid-19, Increase in essential purchases up to 10% for the metal card level and 5% for the plastic card level.

In Europe recently we explain that a survey reflected this 66% of Europeans trust that cryptocurrencies will still exist in 10 years.

Courtesy of Crypto.com

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