The cryptocurrency community rejects changes to Twitter’s privacy policy


The cryptocurrency community responded to social media and declined to change Twitter’s privacy policy. On April 8th the platform of Microbloggins It surprised its users with the notification that it removed the option from the accounts that allowed citizens to prevent their data from being shared for commercial purposes. “Your control over the information Twitter shares with your business partners has changed,” the message said.

After the measure decided by Twitter, several rejection reactions were observed on social networks, including the cryptocurrency community You would rather pay for the service than lose privacy. Why don’t they have a premium function? There are many people who would pay for privacy and free advertising on Twitter » wrote a user. “Would you pay $ 5 a month to use Twitter without ads?” asked another.

Previously, Zooko Wilcox, developer of the data protection-based cryptocurrency Zcash, had published a tweet in which the Twitter notification was rejected: “Fuck you, Twitter dot com. Take my money and stop trying to generate value for your advertisers by You manipulate my thoughts and feelings. ”Zooko’s comment triggered a response from the cryptocurrency community that received multiple responses.

In its notification, Twitter added that the update would help the company “continue to work as a free service.” The Twitter change affects a setting that includes a section with a check box It was possible or not to check the option “Share your data with Twitter’s trading partners.

In the past, settings have prevented Twitter from sharing ads viewed or clicked by users and from using advertising identifiers (to track their movements and the apps they use) on their phones. For most users, this information is now shared by default. Users will have no other way of deciding this in the future.

Twitter said in one release that the measure is “part of our ongoing work in the area of ​​transparency and control”. Add that Common data is used to show the effectiveness of Twitter advertising. “It helps Twitter show that people really look, interact, and see what advertisers are paying for.” The company makes it clear that it does not share information about usernames, emails or phone numbers with third parties.

Other comments from the crypto community Point that Twitter is not a service: “When we get something for free, it generally means that we are the product and not the consumer.”. While others invite Giving up Twitter and opting for decentralized social media platforms like Hive.

In fact, CriptoNoticias reported in December last year that the Zcash Foundation had contributed with the idea of ​​funding the development of a more decentralized messaging application, the top priority of which is data protection. The project was inspired by market research with sex workers and LGBT + communities who experienced censorship and malicious surveillance and who needed more privacy in their messaging system.


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