The first Bitcoin fund is already listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Gemini exchange will be the custodian


3iQ Corp.the first Bitcoin background (The Bitcoin Fund) already acts on the important public Toronto Stock Exchangewith the exchange Twins the Winklevoss brothers as administrator


Tyler Winklevoss, founder of the stock exchange Twinsannounced in Twitter What beautiful the first Bitcoin background (The Bitcoin fund) listed on the important Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), from Canada, with his own Twins as custodian of collateral.

The news of the start, also revealed Cryptopotateis considered relevant because it is the first public fund in Bitcoin in a global exchange.

First Bitcoin Fund already listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange

3iQ Corp.The Canada-based company is responsible for launching the fund TSX. To CryptopotateClass A shares with a total asset value of approximately USD 14 million were traded today under the symbol QBTC.U.

Class A QBTC shares of the Bitcoin fund on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Source: TMX Money

On April 2, the Digital Asset Fund Management Company, 3iQ, reported the The Bitcoin fund It had been filed with the securities regulators in all Canadian provinces. To Cryptopotate, 3iQ He had received a receipt for his final prospectus for an A and F Class Shares of $ 10 a share.

The Canadian company announced today the completion of the unit listing and the merger 3iQ Bitcoin Trust. Consequently The Bitcoin fund Around 1.5 million Class A units are already listed in TSX, the ninth largest stock exchange in the world, like QBTC.U, and are aimed at all types of investors.

Good reception on Twitter

Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of the exchange Twins He said in with his twin brother Cameron Twitter::

The Bitcoin Fund has just been launched on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This is the first public Bitcoin fund to be listed on a major global stock exchange. Proud that @Gemini was chosen as the custodian for this fund. congratulations to @ 3iQ_corp to write history!

In response to his own tweet, he added:

The Bitcoin Fund is the first Bitcoin Fund in the world that can be exchanged for NAV (Net Asset Value, Net Asset Value). It has been approved by the Ontario Securities Commission, a leading securities regulator, and is easily accessible to investors. Let the party begin!

The news to host the announcement was quick amid another push for mass adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies worldwide.

The crypto influencer and trader @CryptoRand said:

Great work as always, congratulations Tyler!

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Sources: Twitter, TMX Money, Cryptopotato.

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

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