The HTC phone will dismantle Monero


The crypto world is becoming more and more part of our daily life. Thanks to the use of wallets in mobile applications, we even reach the point where we can always carry our cryptocurrencies with us. For this reason, HTC wants to go one step further than its competitors in integrating blockchain technology into its Exodus smartphone. Now this phone will dismantle from HTC Monero.

Integrate cryptocurrencies into our lives

In the world, more and more people are deciding to join the crypto world and purchase cryptocurrencies in order to save, pay for or trade goods and services on the various exchanges that are available to them.

This has also led to an increase in the number of options available so that we can receive and store our crypto assets.

There are hundreds of purses on the market today, each with features that make them unique to users. In which we can store our cryptocurrencies so that they are safe until we decide to use them.

Ultimately, of course, cryptocurrencies are money, so it is not practical for most people to keep them in a wallet that we can only access from home. This is how versions of the most important wallets in the world were created, which can be used on our mobile phones.

However, this would not cease to please HTC, which wants to use the power of modern smartphones to mine crypto assets.

HTC’s Exodus will take down Monero

To this end, HTC has developed an application called DeMiner in collaboration with the ASIC mining chip manufacturer Midas Labs. It will be available for download on HTC Exodus phones from the second quarter of 2020 so users can take down Monero.

“”Mobile mining is an important research topic to understand the development of secure crypto networks. The number of mobile phones in 2020 is almost 3.5 billion, which would further decentralize and distribute the hash rate and mining performance of these cryptocurrency networksSaid Phil Chen, director at HTC.

It is therefore clear that HTC’s goal with the new function of its Exodus phones is to further decentralize the mining functions within the crypto world. Avoiding excessive concentration in the hands of a group of mining companies, as in the case of Bitcoin.

It also uses the fame that Exodus has built as the world’s first blockchain phone. What does the application do that can say that the HTC phone will mine Monero, one of the most interesting experiments currently being developed in the crypto community. For this reason, we have chosen this here at CryptoTrend as our data today.


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