Technology has empowered millions of people worldwide. The Internet gives a voice to those who haven’t had it, and enables hundreds of people to learn and participate in global debates. It is therefore not surprising that Anthony Pompliano criticizes television and print media. Ensure that, unlike them, the internet is controlled by bloggers and tweeters on the internet Tweet from today:

An internet that is ruled by the people

In the crypto world, we always mention the decentralization on which the operation of blockchain technology is based, and in the broader sense cryptocurrencies. Without giving enough recognition to the technology that blockchains can work with in this way. The real father of decentralization: the Internet.

And is this in contrast to traditional media, which require a huge investment to give a voice to a limited number of people? The Internet is home to billions of people worldwide at relatively low prices.

In this way, all these millions of people with Internet access can express their voices as part of a global community. Either via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube or via blogs and personal websites.

What has enabled millions of people around the world to be part of a much larger world, even in countries where access to the Internet is restricted. As Pompliano comments on his Twitter account:

“The print media and television were managed by huge media organizations. The internet is managed by bloggers and tweeters. “

With this message, Pompliano only reminds us of the role that technology can play in the democratization of society. Twitteros and bloggers, as he calls them, are nothing more than a name that speaks of citizenship. From every man, woman and young man who has now found a voice thanks to internet access. And that thanks to cryptocurrencies, they would also gain control of the economy.

Finally, we ask ourselves: is the internet controlled by bloggers and tweeters?


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