Important facts:
  • On the platform, you can grow cannabis remotely without touching a plant.

  • Short and long-term contracts for growing cannabis are paid with Bitcoin, Ether and Fiat funds

The medical use of cannabis has always been present in many countries and cultures. This use has become more common in recent years. Promoted and accepted in many other countries, there was an explosion in this market causing exponential growth that continues to this day.

Countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy have been the main promoters of this use, and thanks to them, this market has moved from modest numbers to market forecasts that will reach $ 104 billion worldwide by 2024.

While these numbers are surprising, starting a cannabis business can be more complicated than we imagine. The investment of time and money, the high costs for licenses, production management and taxes make access to this business difficult.

Grow cannabisHowever, there is a solution that avoids all of these complications and allows people like you and me to invest and multiply our money without touching a plant. The name of this solution is JuicyFields.

The company offers everyone the opportunity to make money in the cannabis industry, whether you’re a cannabis activist, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, or just a business person.

JuicyFields: The great solution

JuicyFields is a German company founded in 2017 with the aim of bringing cannabis enthusiasts, buyers, activists, producers and sellers together on one microfinance platform. There, anyone can grow cannabis remotely and get economic benefits from their sales without touching a plant, legally and regardless of the country or restrictions on cannabis.

Grow cannabisIt also acts as a global online collective farm and helps small businesses in the industry raise the funds necessary for their growth. The company has business partners and allies in several countries and plans to become a global brand in the manufacture of cannabis medicines.

All companies and people participating in the platform earn an income after selling the crops. Below we explain how you can invest and make money with JuicyFields.

How does JuicyFields work?

JuicyFields There is a group of specialists, engineers and breeders who care for, monitor and cultivate the plants. We just have to register, choose the stem and number of plants we want and buy them at prices from 50 to 2000 euros per contract. Ninety (90) days later we would already receive the profits from the sale of these assets.

Grow cannabisWhen you visit the website, you will find in the menu the 4 plant varieties that they offer for growing: JuicyFlash, JuicyMist, JuicyKush and JuicyHaze. Each of them offers different income depending on the load and the number of harvests per year. The final quantities depend on the size and quality of the plants that have been grown and sold.

Funds from the purchase of plants on the platform will be distributed to a cannabis trading partner to expand acreage, develop, market, test, and other necessary expenses.

While the entrepreneur observes the growth of the plant and waits for the harvest to make a profit, the producers expand the business to make the end product cheaper, of higher quality and more desirable for export. It is a victory for cannabis users, a victory for producers and a victory for entrepreneurs.

JuicyFields offers short and long-term contracts with which we can pay Bitcoin, ether and fiat money. Only with an investment of € 50 for a system that represents the cost of the shortest contract would we be able to make profits directly in our wallet in three months without leaving the house.


There is no doubt that the medical cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today, and JuicyFields enables everyone in the world to become a part of it by legally allowing cannabis cultivation and making profits without the need to do so deal with operational problems or the associated costs. This is without a doubt a paradigm shift and a revolution for cannabis enthusiasts.

You can learn more about JuicyFields by following them on their social networks Instagram, Facebook and official YouTube and telegram channels.

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