In China, the public and private sectors are struggling to recruit new blockchain talent. There are more and more job openings for professionals in this area, but the low demand makes it difficult for human resources departments

The explosion of momentum for blockchain technology in China It has expanded over the days and will begin calling the President in October 2019 Xi Jingping for speeding up their adoption. Recently a new one called intensify the use of blockchain, but now Chinese central bankshows the Asian nation’s interest in iwidely implement blockchain in different sectors.

In this sense, the jobs have grown China for the past few months for blockchain professionals, but according to a recent report by China Times, the Private companies and government institutions have problems hiring skilled workers in the regioneither due to a shortage of workers or due to non-compliance with job interview requirements.

The report shows the interest of various organizations in technical blockchain talents, a difficult task for those responsible for the areas Human resourcesas is the case Liu Fangmin, WHO HR manager from a company for application products Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in the blockchain industry that mentioned Complications in hiring a blockchain architect It has not been possible for the company to hire new employees in the past few months, be it through a resume, interview or requirements.

That’s why he explains it “The progress of the project has been delayed”, something that adds “too much pressure” to their task, since the leaders applied for recruitment within a very short time.

Growing recruitment

Likewise the report from China Times mentions that through Job posting platform and recruitment softwareThe dynamics don’t seem to be very different as there are ads and offers from many companies, especially inquiries «Technical personnel related to blockchain, including blockchain architects, web front-end and other positions», with well-paid and well-qualified positions, but where there are few talents.

They also state that blockchain recruitment is based on organizations like that Digital Currency Research Institute, alongside various departments and areas of the Central Bank of China, the Numismatic Museum of China, amongst other things.

The skills shortage, the report said, has led to encouragement a larger academic offering at universities across the nation, which in turn serves as a bridge to recruit skilled workers, especially for the Central Bank of China.

This trend is also expected to change after the recent announcement of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social SecurityWhat you up to? Define new recognized jobs in the country, including jobs related to blockchain technology, as a blockchain technician and blockchain application operator, a message that caused over 25 million readings about it and discussion on Chinese social platforms like Weibowho would come to be like him Twitter Chinese.

A person associated with the blockchain industry in Chinasaid to China Times::

The announcement from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is of paramount importance to correct the names of blockchain and other published occupations. Some of these professions have existed before, but there is no formal name, such as the design of the blockchain architecture, and there are operators of blockchain applications and other positions, but they have not been officially recognized and those who are interested in blockchain Dedicating technology will complete career information and they will have “announcements” that will follow in the future

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