Important facts:
  • The College of Architects has signed a blockchain access agreement with Signeblock.

  • Signe, the organization behind Signeblock, is recognized by a Spanish ministry.

The official panel of bulk auditors and technical architects from Madrid (COAATM) has signed an agreement with Signeblock, a company that offers digitization services via blockchain.

On May 13, the Singe Group, the organization behind Signeblock, published on its website that it had signed a national agreement. Blockchain gives the COAATM (acronym of the college) responsible declarations, activity licenses and other services. The tools used for this new system have already been tested. After the agreement was signed, the pilot phase of the system was set.

The COOAATM wants to optimize the times and processes of administrative procedures that an engineering or architecture project has to go through. The College of Quantity Surveyors – construction engineers – and architects believe that using blockchain enables them to digitally identify digital processes, shorten deadlines, automate and digitize them. Luis Gil-Delgado, executive director of the College of Architects, said:

Architects and surveyors in Madrid have always opted for the application of new technologies in the construction sector to enable agreements like these to escalate the use of these technologies to capacity and adapt the construction process to the needs of the agents involved. Our hub Technology as an observatory for constructive innovation is a good example of our interest in this area

Luis Gil-Delgado, managing director of the College of Architects Blockchain for construction and construction.

The agreement with Signe, a provider of document security solutions, search Create a system based on the combination of Blockchainwho have digital identity and building information Model (BIM)This is a method of creating digital simulations.

The agreement enables the college to act as a Signe registrar so that it can issue digital identities to members. The identities issued are legally valid, as Signe is recognized by the Foreign Minister for Digitization and Intelligence of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation.

With the use of a digital identity, the BIM model and the Gouze.io platform enables members to create new construction projects that can be legalized faster and more effectively. Marta Gutiérrez, CEO of Signeblock, said:

Our mission is to make transparency an essential asset to drive business and social growth that builds trust. As a technology partner, we therefore offer solutions that make this possible. For this reason, we are very pleased with this agreement with the Madrid College of Quantity Surveyors, which enables innovative technologies in the construction sector to be used to legalize projects and the digital identity of experts.

Marta Gutiérrez, CEO of Signeblock.

Spain shows its growing interest in the introduction of blockchain platforms for various use cases. For example, CriptoNoticias reported that Vestigia, a Spanish blockchain company, validated legal and private documents on its Blockchian free of charge. On the other hand, it was also found that 10 Spanish companies received certificates that were validated by a blockchain platform.


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