Bitcoin and blockchain are our two main topics in our short messages today.

The report notes that Bitcoin’s network remains strong after halving

Starting with a report that pointed out that the funds of the main cryptocurrency in the market, Bitcoin, are still strong. Even after the third halving of Bitcoin in the blockchain, it took place on May 11th.

In addition, the company recently launched its on-chain BTC index (BNE). This records a number of key chain metrics and combines them into easily digestible diagrams and numbers.

The study argues that the state of the Bitcoin blockchain has improved. Through solid growth in both network growth and activity. Achieving the highest possible value for the first time since 2017, and the Bitcoin network generally remains solid.

Bitcoin reaches 9K in price

If we continue with the Bitcoin news, we will find that it returned to $ 9,000 on May 13th. According to our crypto online tool, the price of the cryptocurrency is $ 9,137. Achieved an increasing variation of 2.23% in the past 24 hours.

In the meantime, the impact of the halving on the Bitcoin blockchain for miners became more apparent when data confirmed that earnings declined on May 12.

While Bitcoin Blockchain Halving was not an event for most retailers, many different Bitcoin-related statistics keep an eye on the price.

The difficulty that determines how challenging it is for mining machines to mine a bitcoin block is one example.

Blockchain-based startup will help farmers sell grain

Now we’re leaving Bitcoin for a moment and jumping on blockchain messages. Since then, a notice released by Business Standar has found that blockchain-based startup Agri10x has worked with the Indian government to help farmers sell their products directly on the market.

“Indian farmers have been the unsung heroes of the Indian economy and we wanted to ensure that they had easy access to a global market to sell their products directly and without intermediaries.“”

“”Our goal is to connect local farmers with global buyers who would not only increase their income but would also significantly increase employment in the agricultural industry. “. Pankajj Ghode, CEO of Agri10x, said.

According to the release, Agri10x will have access to half a million state-owned joint service centers. This will help farmers in rural areas to register on the Agri10x Blockchain platform.

Ripple has released a blockchain-based job offer

We end the Bitcoin and Blockchain section in our short messages today with a message about this technology that Ripple supports.

And is that so? The blockchain-based payment network Ripple recently posted a job offer on its official website for a “Director of Product Management, Loans“”

The description shows that Ripple is working on a new loan product to help its customers with working capital loans.

Working capital loans are loans that companies take out to provide short-term financial support for their day-to-day operations.

A blockchain-based loan product could potentially shorten the time it takes for companies to take out capital loans. Reduce paperwork and improve transparency and accountability among stakeholders.


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