The most profitable cryptocurrency miners started by BitHull


BitHull announces two new products: BH miner y Bra miner box.



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The most profitable cryptocurrency miners published by BitHullBitHull S.A. With the recent introduction of their miners, they have become the new success of the global cryptocurrency market. FPGA.

The company’s two new products, BH miner y BH Miners Box, They are designed to deliver unprecedented profitability for users. Built around technology Field programmable gate array or FPGAThese miners can offer a very high hash rate without consuming a lot of energy. Both miners used several algorithms from BitHull can be used to degrade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum y Monero.

BH miner It is the basic product of the company with a moderate power consumption of 550W. BH Miners Box, On the other hand, it is a combination of six units BH miner connected with each other.

The devices generate very little noise and can therefore be used at home or elsewhere. Hash rate: BH Miner: 360 TH / s, 60 GH / s, 15 GH / s and 3 MH / s for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum y Monero each.

BH Miners Box: 2160 TH / s, 360 GH / s, 90 GH / s and 18 MH / s for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum y Monero each. Benefits and energy consumption (BH Miners Box):

Bitcoin: Profit of $ 7,951.95 per month
Litecoin: $ 18.64,000 profit per month
Ethereum: $ 25.78,000 profit per month
Monero: $ 29.06,000 profit per month

Energy costs are $ 285 per month and calculations are based on a cost of $ 0.12 / kWh. BitHull He recommends all of his customers to check the above details in real time with a reliable online calculator.

Regardless of price fluctuations or changes in mining difficulties, both products remain profitable. “The excellent earnings potential of the two BitHull products makes them the perfect choice for beginners who want to try crypto mining and for mining experts.” said Matias Milet, vice president of BitHull SA.

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BitHull S.A.. is a technology company dedicated to developing next generation hardware for cryptocurrency mining. The company is led by a team of experts who have delivered high-quality technology components such as FPGA chips to numerous heavyweights in the industry in the past.


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