A graph of Zcash’s armored transactions shows a significant increase in April. The fact can be seen as an indicator of a recovery in the introduction of this type of transaction.

A user on the official Zcash forum posted statistics showing an increase in Zcash’s armored transactions. The graph, expressed in monthly periods, shows that transactions rose to 5,172 in March. If you compare it to the 2,430 in February, This corresponds to an increase of 112%. Transactions for April totaled 8,712, an increase of 68% over the previous month.

Zcash’s armored transactions provide users with complete privacy by not disclosing the sender, recipient, or number of cryptocurrencies sent on the blockchain. This type of optional transaction cryptographically guarantees that Nobody else can track financial activity that a user does on the Zcash network.

The number of armored transactions in the Zcash network increased by 258% from February to the present day. »Source: Forum Zcash Comunnity.

Various developer applications are available for this type of transaction in the Zcash network. There’s also a wallet for smartphones, Screened guard, This has shielded transactions as an option for users.

Users choose to protect their privacy

The user who shared the charts with the community made it clear that this data is not easy to obtain. To achieve it had to use BlockSci with an edited version of a Script, created to determine the type of transaction you were looking for.

This level of privacy is one of the factors that law enforcement officials are nervous about, making it impossible to investigate illegal activity. Monero is another cryptocurrency that has enough data protection in its blockchain so that no user can track the money of a transaction.

CryptoNews reported in April that Sodinokibi ransomware operators used Monero instead of Bitcoin to ransom. This change is due to the fact that hackers want to make it difficult to track information that could be harmful to them.

The European Police Office (Europol) has stated on several occasions that the use of the Tor scanner in conjunction with Monero makes it impossible to track down both the money and the intellectual actors of the crimes committed.


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