Payment service provider Checkout.com has joined the Libra Association. This information was posted on the company’s blog, which claims to improve the way companies interact with financial services.

The Cross-border payment platform Checkout.combecomes the newest member of the Libra Association, the body responsible for managing the digital currencies and payment networks project, lbwho recently announced a new approach to the initiative to see the light with regulatory approval. The Guillaume Pousaz, CEO and founder of Checkout.comhe wrote in the ad:

At Asociación Libra we find a group of colleagues who share this philosophy and have demonstrated a well thought-out and realistic approach of how blockchain can be used for the common good (…). It is clear to me and the wider Checkout.com team that we want to be part of this effort, and we can contribute to that effort by bringing our unparalleled payment experience

In the releaseadditionally Checkout.com also claimed to be committed to regulating digital currencies and blockchain technology.as a means of protecting the ecosystem and noted that without a legal framework, only technological advances can be recorded “Wouldn’t offer a secure and stable payment infrastructure”, necessary for the massive introduction of technology.

With the project lb, “The promise of financial inclusion is growing”They say an initiative that is also aimed at non-banks to reduce differences.

Recently it did announced the integration of the nonprofit organization, Heifer International to bring to the project “An affordable and affordable financial system for the world’s farmers”Many of them have neither bank accounts nor internet access.

So far, the The Libra Association has 24 members, important number after signing significant losses from those who have been part of the project since its inception, many of them shocked by the widespread rejection and the numerous doubts about an idea that started with a global ambition, but that now diminished his efforts to be approved by the world’s regulators.

Courtesy of checkout.com

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