In order to do this, Windoce It offers interested parties the right to bring their business model to the country of residence and thus to achieve the resulting profits.


The number of people and dealers who are interested in working with them Bitcoin It continues to grow, so this year it is estimated that at least 1% of the world’s people are connected to the digital currency in some way. With exchanges and platforms P2P It is estimated that 10% of the human population will be in contact with the most reputable cryptocurrencies in the coming years, as around 30,000 new users are registered every day.

Despite the fact that new jobs and investment opportunities are created every day in the digital currency ecosystem, one of the business models within the sector is that of trading platforms. P2P, This can even exceed the profitability of mining activities by providing solutions to facilitate cryptocurrency trading that act as a custodian and connect buyers with sellers to ensure financial transaction security.

Because of the increasing number of people who want to buy and sell Bitcoin more direct the trading platform P2P, Windoce.com, announces the expansion of its business model for investors interested in bringing this type of business into their country of residence.

Some facts about Windoce

Windoce is a trading platform that connects buyers and sellers Bitcoin, Preserve digital funds while interested parties conduct commercial operations.

He reports that his team is made up of business, finance, technology, and marketing specialists who have a great affinity for cryptocurrencies and the use of technology. Blockchain, to offer a product that is intended to bring interested parties closer to the new international financial market, combined with the use and trading of digital currencies.

Among the features it offers Windoce include:

  1. Peer-to-peer business processes (P2P).
  2. Send international and local transfers.
  3. No commission in wallet to wallet operations through Windoce.com.
  4. Referral program.
  5. API Payment gateway for online shops.
  6. Teaching aids (https://youtu.be/ZiP0mhVNz5A)
  7. Server in Digital ocean, own nodes and security guarantees for the storage of cryptocurrencies.

The platform is currently located in several South American countries and in Europe, which enables the exchange of Bitcoin simple and straightforward with plans to integrate business operations into ether in the near future.

Commercial offer and expansion plans

Currently Windoce S.A.S. conducts an expansion process trying to bring its services to new markets as part of the strategy of selling commercial franchises.

According to a press release Windoce gave new entrepreneurs the opportunity to acquire trading rights to bring the platform to their countries of residence Integration of new business partners in different countries, in addition to Colombia, Venezuela and Spain, where the company already offers its services.

Windoce informs that those who purchase their commercial license have access to a Control panel with a large number of tools with which the owner can manage the operation of the platform within the country to monitor the operation first hand and adapt it to the needs of the individual regions.

Business model

As such Windoce implements a technology that enables operations and transactions to be identified by country and enables commission percentages, transaction rates and other income systems to be calculated that are under the control of the owners of the respective license.

Appropriate payments to the owner are automatically sent every 24 hours to ensure the full acquisition of the benefits of operations within the country.

Furthermore Windoce points out that the main attraction of this contract is related to its term, which extends over 10 years and offers the possibility of automatic renewal if you wish to continue to conduct commercial activities within the country.

Additional Information.

If you want to know about the properties of Windoceyou can see the video below:

More information about Windoce With its business proposal, the company set up a contact line for interested people so that they can communicate via WhatsApp at (+57) 322 2052001.

You can also visit their social networks (Facebook /. Twitter), If you want, you can also visit www.windoce.com.


Text and image by Windoce

DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored and informative article and the offer is the sole responsibility of Windoce. DailyBitcoin It has received the press release and reviewed some information about the company, but is not promoting this or a similar service. We recommend reviewing the laws of your country of residence before accepting an investment proposal.


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