The countdown to the next bitcoin halving is now 1,458 days as the hype and buzz of the previous halving is still echoing in the digital world.

A secret message was embedded in the last block, giving 12.5 BTC, possibly a warning of what’s to come.

Hidden heading in the last block of Bitcoin

Self-proclaimed Cypherpunk and CasaHODL founder Jameson Lopp [@lopp]tweeted that there was one hidden heading in the last block transaction before halving.

The last bitcoin block with a reward of 12.5 BTC was mined by @ f2pool_official and contained the following message in your transaction:
NYTimes Apr / 09/2020 With an injection of 2.3 tons (billion), the Fed plan far exceeds the 2008 bailout

The last block before Halving was 629999 and the message is displayed in blockchain browsers.

The “Coinbase” transaction (sometimes referred to as “generation”) refers to the first transaction in a new block. Miners can add text strings to the Coinbase transaction using scriptSig, and it seems that F2pool did just that with a satirical tone.

Bitcoin mixer

The article itself dates from early April when the US Federal Reserve increased its fiscal stimulus packages. He reported that the Federal Reserve would use the Treasury’s funds to buy local government bonds and extend corporate bond purchase programs to higher-risk debt.

It is not the first time that an ironic letter has been embedded in a block. Satoshi Nakamoto himself did just that on the Bitcoin Genesis block in 2009. This was also a headline on the alarming bailouts for banks:

The Times January 3, 2009 Chancellor on the verge of a second bailout for banks

A decade later, the madness exacerbated by central banks has reached such an extreme level that no pardon appears to be in sight. One can only wonder what the headlines will look like in another four years.

BTC prices after halving

Bitcoin prices have continued to fall since the big weekend with big sales. An intraday low of $ 8,200 was hit in the U.S. on Monday in the last hour of the day, and more losses are likely to occur as advertising declines and operators make profits.

Many miners, who receive only half of the block reward compared to yesterday, may have to close the oil rigs as a further weakening in prices could accelerate losses.

A consolidation period of several months is expected if the bottom is reached during this microcycle.

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