The Red Cross in Italy uses crypto donations


At CriptoTendencia, we were very aware of the latest developments in the corona virus. And especially how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can work together to fight this pandemic. For this reason, today we are proud to announce, as members of the crypto community, that the Red Cross has opened a medical post in Italy thanks to donations from cryptocurrency users.

Crypto donations against Covid-19

The potential of blockchain technology is almost unlimited, even when it comes to accelerating donations to fight a pandemic like the corona virus. By using cryptocurrencies, thousands of users around the world can donate money quickly, easily, and with low commissions. In contrast to the much slower and more expensive traditional financial system.

It is therefore not surprising that the crypto donation campaign launched by the Italian Red Cross a few weeks ago was a real success within a few days. The original goal was to set up a medical center where patients with Covid-19 could be cared for in the European country.

The Italian Red Cross managed to raise cryptocurrencies worth around $ 32,000 in less than a month. Anyone who has exceeded their original goal for the construction of the emergency services will also devote themselves to other goals of the organization. Likewise, the purchase of medical equipment for carrying out emergency operations.

The Red Cross built the medical post

These promises are not empty words, because on April 5th, when the “Day of Blood Donation” is celebrated in Italy. The Red Cross built the medical post that was earmarked for the first thousands of dollars received through blockchain technology. Thanks to this, Bruno Pietrosanti, President of the Red Cross in Italy, could explain the following:

“”We were very happy to have reached the first milestone in our fundraising campaign. We are happy to have turned the donations received into concrete help, and are pleased to have received so much help from the Bitcoin community“”

With these statements, the great opportunity that blockchain and bitcoin technology represents as a means of funding the fight against the corona virus is more than clear. Well, when the Red Cross opened its medical post in Italy at the end of the day, it was thanks to the cooperation and solidarity of the crypto community.

Something that deserves to be celebrated and that makes this event our today’s data here at CryptoTrend.


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