Important facts:
  • According to the company, anyone can add cryptocurrency trading features to their website.

  • The plugin uses the Totle API to redirect orders to decentralized exchanges.

The company and risk study Tim Draper has published a plugin that is supposed to democratize the exchange of cryptocurrencies via WordPress.

California-based Draper Goren Holm said his new “Crypto Exchange” plugin was released on Wednesday. would allow anyone to add trading features to their website in minutesor even create your own cryptocurrency exchange brand.

In a press release, the company announced that the plugin is open to every website owner. regardless of whether it is bloggers, content creators, media companies or entrepreneurs. Tim Draper, who became a partner at Goren Holm in 2019, said the plugin could “bring us a step closer to the dream of a truly limitless world”.

Alon Goren – founding partner of the company and true author of Draper’s Cryptocurrency Exchange plugin – said that 35% of the internet was created using WordPress. The launch of the new product on the hugely popular platform means that everyone can now have their own cryptocurrency exchange, he said.

While The supplement is designed in such a way that it can be personalized, in itself it is not a money exchange. Use the Totle cryptocurrency exchange platform API; The tool routes orders to decentralized trading platforms that claim to offer the best prices. It also doesn’t have a built-in digital asset storage feature, but is compatible with existing wallet plugins like the MetaMask, Brave and Coinbase wallets.

Is it safe to do WordPress crypto exchange?

While the above could mean that trading cryptocurrencies may not be susceptible to a classic hack by exchange houses, Draper Goren Holm’s press release outlined the security features of the WordPress plugin.

WordPress, the platform on which users could make Bitcoin payments by 2015, may be ubiquitous, but users don’t always adhere to the best security practices. That’s what security specialist WP White Security said Over 70% of all WordPress websites in 2013 were vulnerable to attack due to weak password policies or through outdated firewall protection features.

A sales outlet contacted Draper Goren Hom for more details, but was unable to get a response at the time of printing.

The Totle API is described as an API that gives developers the ability to “integrate aggregate sharing capabilities into a product” for Ether and “popular” ERC-20 tokens such as DAI and BAT. This one You can run cryptocurrency exchanges, send payments, get asset pair pricing, and check exchange offices.

“Totle has always focused on making decentralized bureaus de change more accessible and user-friendly,” said David Bleznak, founder and CEO of Totle. “The WordPress plugin is another step in strengthening free global markets,” he concluded.

Translated version of Paddy Baker’s article published on CoinDesk.


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