The begin StandApp, a company focused on improving user health, recently announced the launch of sMiles. A new application that pays Satoshis as a reward for physical activity.

StandApp, developer of the application, announced the launch of the beta version of sMiles this week. The new application, based on the Lightning Network Micropayment Network, allows users to earn cryptocurrencies for everyday activities. Walking, running, cycling, playing games, watching videos and even driving are the activities that the application will take into account.

The application uses the GPS of the smartphones to measure the distances traveled. Users too You will receive initial pricing for granting permissions to the application, accessing geolocation, and sending notifications. According to Igor Berezovsky, project manager, sMiles’ goal is to promote the mass adoption of Bitcoin while improving people’s health.

sMiles rewards users with Satoshis that represent one hundredth of a million of 1 BTC. Rewards can be freely transferred to any Lightning Network Bitcoin wallet. The only condition is that the amount does not exceed 10,000 satoshis, about USD 0.87. If the user wishes to transfer an amount greater than the above amount, he must register in the registration. No user registration is required to use sMiles.

The rewards are not limited to physical activity

Berezovsky gave Decrypt statements on the application: “SMiles means Satoshis and miles. The app is meant for everyone, not just people who already know what Bitcoin is. In addition to the end-user application, we also have a powerful, scalable backend that we want to offer to application partners who are interested in micro-incentives for their users, ”he said.

The full version of the application will be released in mid May cut in half Bitcoin. Developers are currently accepting public testing of other applications that want to test sMiles. It will be available for Android, iOS and Apple Watch devices.

Berezovsky is also a developer of an instant messaging application called IM +. He found that after the release of the full version of sMiles plans to integrate an IM + functionality that will reward users for using social media and sending messages.

CryptoNews recently reported that Microsoft has patented a system that rewards users with cryptocurrencies for physical activity. This system stores data on the physical activity of the user in a blockchain in order to pay the reward for performing its tasks.


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