Top 10 crypto news of the week: May 10-17, 2020


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The main crypto news of the week

Venezuela paid 9 tons of gold to Iran. Why didn’t they use Bitcoin or Petro? [Análisis]

Bitcoin Nicolas Maduro

The recent transfer of millions of dollars in gold bars between Venezuela and Iran caused some noise in the crypto ecosystem. Why didn’t Venezuela use cryptocurrencies? At what level was the petro?

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Other relevant crypto news of the week

Spain: CNMV warns of Covid-19’s rise in corona crime with cryptocurrencies

Corona virus Spain

The National Police, Civil Guard, Interpol and Europol have warned of the spread of fraud over the Internet due to the coronavirus pandemic. The CNMV explains the increase in financial fraud and warns against the indiscriminate use of cryptocurrencies for fraudulent purposes.

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China is proposing to legalize cryptocurrency trading in the government’s action plan

China blockchain

The local government of Chengdu, capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan, has included the legalization of cryptocurrency trading in its action plan.

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Latin America is a global leader in the growth of Bitcoin P2P trading

Latin America crypto

Neither the corona virus, the uncertainty before halving nor the drop in prices could counteract the enthusiasm of the dealers Bitcoin They saw a hectic journey that gave the ecosystem’s top cryptocurrency an upswing last week before the new halving.

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XRP is temporarily overtaken by Tether (USDT), who finished third

USDT Tether third cryptocurrency

Connect (USDT) temporarily outperformed XRP to become the third most important cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

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How will the halving affect Venezuelan miners? [Análisis]

Minado Latinoameric scam

While many of them are obsessed with guessing whether halving affects the price of or not BitcoinThere is something that is sure to change: the mining of the main cryptocurrency. Venezuela has been a global reference for cryptocurrency mining due to its low prices, but its little miners will be able to resist the reduction in the reward.

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Telegram abandons its TON blockchain project after government harassment

Token gram bomb

The instant messaging giant Telegram recently announced that it will not continue its blockchain project “TON”. The company has cited regulatory pressure as the main reason for the reversal.

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JP Morgan opens accounts for Coinbase and Gemini as customers

JP Morgan Gemini and COinbase clients

After the recovery from a sharp downturn due to market panic during the coronavirus pandemic statement Bitcoin In the eyes of traditional investors, it turned out to be a solid investment and stylishly closed its mouth to many skeptics and critics.

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South Korea faces China with $ 400 million

Blockchain mass

The South Korean government is reportedly reviewing a $ 400 million blockchain research and development fund to boost the emerging digital economy and keep pace with China’s growing dominance in this sector.

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3 reasons why this bitcoin halving is completely different

Bitcoin halving

The long awaited halving of Bitcoin It’s less than a few hours away now, but today’s scene is very different from the previous two iterations. Some influencing factors could be quite positive for this halving, while others could speak unprecedented circumstances against those who expect great benefits from this halving.

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