Top 10 crypto news of the week: May 4th to May 10th 2020


The main crypto news of the week from May 4th to May 10th, 2020

Exclusive interview with Andreas Antonopoulos about Bitcoin’s Halving and what is stopping the mass adoption

Andreas Antonopoloulos

BeInCrypto recently met with technology entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos to discuss the world of cryptocurrencies and beyond. You don’t want to miss that.

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Other relevant crypto news of the week May 4th to 10th, 2020

Why is hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones now optimistic about Bitcoin?

Paul Jones supports Bitcoin

It was recently announced that top fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is now a big fan of Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. He seems to have changed his mind recently.

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According to BitMEX research, Ethereum 2.0 could be launched in July 2020


New research suggests that the early stages of the much anticipated improvement in Ethereum You could start as early as July of this year if there are no further delays.

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The Bitcoin halving at Google Trends reached an all-time high with 4X 2016

Google trends

If we use the data from Google search results, the expectation of the next halving event is from Bitcoin (BTC) is beginning to reach a significant level of fervor. Bitcoin’s historic trend has driven the price to a new all-time high in the last two halves.

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How Bitcoin’s main technical outbreak could lead to $ 40,000 after halving

Medical bitcoin

Bitcoin has taken a big step today by briefly tapping the five numbers again and breaking important technical resistances. Profits may be related to the halving hype, but the graphics settings look good for a bigger boost.

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Ripple sued for violating the U.S. XRP Securities Act

XRP ripple

Ripple was again hit by a lawsuit over his token XRP. The argument on which this lawsuit against Ripple is based is the use of XRP as an unregistered value, which is a federal violation in the United States. The discussion of whether XRP and other tokens take place in court.

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Sub-Saharan Africa registers record Bitcoin and Exchange registration volumes

Africa Bitcoin

interested in Bitcoin It explodes in Africa on the eve of the big event and halves. The volume of P2P exchanges exceeded the maximum reached in 2017.

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Colombia breaks new BTC record at LocalBitcoins as its economy sinks


A global economic crisis due to the pandemic caused by the new corona virus (COVID-19) is imminent. The countries of Latin America that are far from being saved may be among the hardest hit. But now we have the Colombia case: While the economy is falling, a new volume record has been reached on the P2P LocalBitcoins platform.

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20,000 companies in Venezuela accept cryptocurrencies

Hotel Crypto Venezuela

The use of cryptocurrencies in the South American nation is increasing as more and more companies accept digital assets as a valid payment method for their customers and users.

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Bitcoin collapsed 15% in seven minutes. Is it whale’s fault?

Negative bitcoin

Bitcoin It lost 15% in minutes and tried $ 8,100 on the morning of May 10th. Experts warn that this is just the beginning.

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