Furthermore, TradeConnect includes a $ 100 million insurance protection policy BitGo, against hackers and theft.


Hamilton, Bermuda. May 18, 2020 – The financial technology company and the multi-asset trading network, TradeConnecthas announced the launch of its Crypto Margin Trading app, which connects traditional financial markets and crypto markets on an easy-to-use digital trading platform where customers can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, as a guarantee for negotiations in Forex, Stock indices, energy, precious metals markets and crypto CFDs.

The new mobile application TradeConnect IOS It is the first of a series of products launched by the team of this year TradeConnect, A lot more financial markets are expected on the platform in a few weeks, including cryptocurrency futures, stocks and swaps. He hopes that this move will compete in the industry Trading crypto margins (Crypto edge operations).

Easy to use platform with rates of trade low

TradeConnect It has a number of functions, including, he explains, “Margin tradability with up to 100x leverage, liquidity with an institutional touch, immediate order execution, no slipping, dynamic charting tools and access to over 50 financial assets, including 36 currency pairs, 14 stock market indices. by S & P500, DOW and NASDAQ; 6 products, including oil, natural gas, gold, silver and copper, as well as 2 crypto CFDs, BTC / USD and ETH / USD, which can now be traded anywhere and everywhere with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

He also informs that he is offering a welcome bonus to new traders, for which he will receive USD 50 USD free in BTC or ETH when he closes his first 10 exchanges.

$ 100 million insurance coverage for Dealer Cryptocurrency

Other aspects of the network TradeConnect a $ 100 million insurance policy BitGoto protect against hackers and theft. Explains that it has an approach that seeks “Make sure that all traders benefit from real price dynamics, market-oriented spreads and more transparent fees.”

“Crypto derivatives have found a large fan base in the past year. However, many platforms have low liquidity, hide spread rates and some are even disadvantageous for their users.” says Athol Nourse, commercial director ofe TradeConnect. “Our goal is to use our many years of professional experience in trading to close the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional markets, to create more markets and thus more opportunities for traders, while at the same time reducing the entry barrier. for those in emerging markets who want to access crypto margin trading online at the best price. “

A new economy for him trade of crypto derivatives

In addition to a variety of powerful business functions that also separate TradeConnect of its competitors is its model of “Connection fee” as “It guarantees that operators only pay a small fee for opening and closing a position. ” In connection with withdrawal or deposit fees as well as a daily 75% fee refund for manufacturers and active policyholders, the network can TradeConnect tries to position itself successfully in 2020.

About TradeConnect

TradeConnect is a financial technology and multi-asset trading network company that combines traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets in a single, easy-to-use digital trading platform where you can trade Forex, Indices, Commodities and Crypto CFD markets. Using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as security.

TradeConnect explains that it focuses on serving everyone equally, by Dealer individual retailers to professional derivatives traders and investment institutions.

Furthermore, TradeConnect tIn the coming weeks, stocks, futures and swaps with crypto will also be introduced in the multi-asset trading app.

More information is available at: https://www.tradeconnect.io.


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