After various alliances with large teams around the world, Chiliz announced the launch of its first token trading platform for sports fans through its blockchain application for rewards and voting at Socios.com, starting with the $ JUV tokens by Italian champions Juventus

After entering the emerging and growing market for Blockchain-powered sports fan tokensfrom the hand of your application Socios.com, the signature Chiliz Start now Chiliz.net, the first token trading platform for fans worldwide, at the moment on the sports field, but hoping to also take the initiative in the world of entertainment.

By partnerDifferent teams from the world of football have formed alliances to develop their fan tokens, and fans of clubs like Juventus, Atlético de Madrid, PSG, Barcelona or Independiente de Avellanedaamong other things, to participate in their teams’ decisions by voting on the chips, which also gives them benefits VIP both on and off the field.

Exactly the Italian multi-champion Juventusis introduced as the main ally of partnerThis is also the first club to be awarded a token, and now the fan token $ JUV The team are the first to be activated in the sports digital asset exchanges Chiliz.


After a slight delay at the start today, the trade is the $ JUV token came into operation by Chiliz.netThis paves the way for a new class of platforms that focus on sports tokenization. This idea appears more and more in the minds of various clubs and teams around the world and gives thousands or millions of fans the opportunity to get closer to their colors.

This was proudly announced by Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz through your account Twitter.

The sign for fans of the Juventus, $ JUVIt is the one that has had the most time to get and buy by using partnerSo it was reasonable to consider this the first to be activated. In this way, the tokens on the platform of partner can be withdrawn by Chiliz.netif they have more than Bought 90 daysOtherwise, you will have to wait for the withdrawal days to complete.

As the company announced, the tokens $ JUV They are the first to bring light to the new platform, but they hope to add support for team tokens like B over the months.Barcelona, ​​PSG, Atlético de Madrid, AS Roma, Galatasaray and Independiente, in addition to the token for E-spores OG.

They also commented that they would be within a few weeks Integration of Chiliz.net Live Commerce in the partner appto further expand the integration of fans into the platform and to facilitate their entry.

Courtesy of Chiliz on Medium

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