Bitcoin continues to hold its price between $ 9,700 and $ 9,900 after halving a few days ago, and a big bull run could begin soon

This was expressed by Tuur Demeester, an analytical researcher and investor in cryptocurrencies, who says that the value of Bitcoin can be between fifty and one hundred thousand dollars in a relatively short amount of time, according to the recent halving of the reduction.

He even expressed that the leading cryptocurrency would not drop below $ 6,000 like last year.

These statements emerged recently in a video entitled Halving 2020: The Bitcoin Reformation with Tuur Demeester » that was featured on the cryptocurrency research company’s YouTube channel MessariHere it is found that Bitcoin is returning to the crypto market with an upward trend due to the halving of the cryptocurrency last week.

According to comments by the President of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powel, in which he states that they could “Create digital money”Demeester confirms his comment in his reasoning about The increasing persistence of bitcoin at relatively large amounts compared to what it currently has.

He also said that he did not believe that the potentially lower relative purchasing power of the US dollar would hurt a possible rise in the price of Bitcoin. “I think a target of around 50,000 is not crazy … I would even say between 50,000 and 100,000.” This means that we would achieve more than ten times its current value.

The statements of this analyst and investor in cryptocurrencies are viewed by many as likely, since in almost all of his statements about the future crypto possibilities, according to his predictions, was systematically materialized.

About a year ago, Tuur Demeester was involved in the preparation of the report » Bitcoin in heavy accumulation »For Adamant Capital. It predicted Bitcoin’s price range at that time between $ 3,000 and $ 6,500 before the bull market began.

As the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is currently still better than other assets and is even among the best assets this year. According to Forbes, 2020 could repeat a bull run as it was three years ago.

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