A detailed listing of cyber attacks in North Korea reflects various security measures, such as cryptojacking, according to the US secret services.

The US government is warning through its authorities of cyber attacks such as cryptojacking in connection with North Korea (DPRK) and the associated dangers to international security

Homeland Security, FBI and US Treasury, recently released a List of North Korea cyber attacks, serves as a guide to fighting crime from the Asian countrywhere they describe it North Korean government cyber attacks since 2017, a campaign they called the Hidden cobra.

In the document, the government of United Statesalso calls for hindering the government’s plan for North Korea of “Build weapons of mass destruction”attack the financial system and Illegal search for funds in the face of sanctions against themto do different types of attacks, such as B. Cryptojackinglooking for cryptocurrencies.

They also describe that the illegal activities of North Korea They threaten not only the United States, but also the international community and the stability of the global financial system.

Under pressure from strong US and United Nations sanctions, the DPRK has increasingly relied on illegal activities, including cybercrime, to generate revenue from its weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs.

The government of United States also demands the cybercrime campaign from North Korea which is named Hidden cobra, the after The U.S. agencies started in 2017 with the attacks from WannaCry and malware, which ended up with a data hijack Ransom paid in bitcoins.

The DPRK also uses cyber skills to rob financial institutions and has shown a pattern of content and harmful cyber activity that is completely inconsistent

The secret services of United Statesaccept that These attackers have become more sophisticated and cyber-enabled Execute attacks. So did the campaign Hidden cobra point out that it is generally the theft of digital currencies with systems such as Cryptojackingof pointer servers are in the Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, specially designed to use digital currencies with a high level of privacy and anonymity.

In the United States, There is no tolerance for activities that appear to support trading in North Korean cryptocurrencies. In addition, agencies include a number of countermeasureswhere they highlight an anti-money laundering framework and recommendations to improve the efficiency of cybersecurity.

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