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Former UFC fighter Ben Askren is a big fan of Bitcoin

This well-known former wrestler has won great titles like the ONE Championship welterweight and also conquered the MMA Bellator. These victories and his personality have given him an astronomical number of followers, and therefore changing his Twitter name is interesting for the crypto community.

Many of your followers may not know what bitcoin halving is let alone that this historically bullish event is just around the corner. This kind of detail doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but the 2017 bubble was partly built thanks to such actions.

Ben Askren Twitter

Ben Askren open to crypto

Askren has not said nothing about flirting with cryptocurrencies. On several occasions, he has openly stated when he bought Bitcoin.

He even has no qualms about commenting that different organisms within the crypto ecosystem have paid him to promote a cryptocurrency or platform. In January 2019, Askren announced that Litecoin had sponsored him for UFC 235:

Undoubtedly a very vocal character in the sports world regarding cryptocurrencies, and who doesn’t seem to fear the impact of such statements on the public image.

Sports and cryptocurrencies: marketing or really a use case

As BeInCrypto reported, sports and cryptocurrencies are starting to go hand in hand. Recently, the NBA and the developers of Crypto Kitties have confirmed a patent for a video game with blockchain. In addition, a former NBA player, Kris Humphries, praised Chainlink on Twitter and the famous Altcoin as:

«The only solution to integrate data into intelligent contracts»

Twitter bitcoin

In addition to basketball and the United States, there are also several cases involving the king of sports, football. In Spain, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid have released their own tokens from their respective teams in the Santander League. The goal is that fans can redeem these cryptocurrencies to use as collectibles or to vote on certain club suggestions. They try to get the fans of the club to interact to achieve greater loyalty. However, these tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies and even enter the crypto market.

You have to be open and admit that this type of proposal won’t radically affect the cryptocurrency market. These types of actions, like Askren’s, can serve as a bridge for ordinary people to buy or at least be interested in cryptocurrencies. It must be remembered that a major stumbling block that chases cryptocurrencies is the difficulty in educating these assets and making them available to the public.

Sure, this kind of action through soccer, basketball, or some other sport may be an advertising campaign, but if the teams use crypto as an advertising message, the crypto market will get a lot more attention from the masses.

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