Celebrate your mother in her quarantine on her day without leaving home with these fun gift options that can be paid for with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Earn rewards when shopping online.


This Mother’s Day surprised people all over the world who, due to the quarantine measures prescribed in many countries due to the coronavirus, were unable to leave the house. Despite the situation, there are many alternatives to celebrate mothers in their time.

A few days after the celebration of Mother’s Day DailyBitcoin collected some funny gifts that you can buy without leaving home and having to pay Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. An option to surprise and appreciate mother, without being exposed to infection, with a gift that arrives directly at the door of her house.

6 different and original gifts with Bitcoin For Mother’s Day

1st gift cards from Amazon or other stores

If your mother is one of those people who always change gifts, a gift card or gift card is the ideal option for this Mother’s Day. There are currently various platforms that make this possible Buy gift cards with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Different stores like big brands like iTunes, Adidas or Starbucks and shops like Amazon they work receiving Gift cards that can be exchanged for almost any product.

Mother's Day Bitcoin Gift

Some of the platforms that offer gift cards in exchange for digital currencies are eGifter, Bit refill, Bidali, Gyft.com, CoinCola y Bitcoin.com to save. All of these cards offer cards for purchase through e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Ebayand offers its users thousands of options.

On the other hand, if you get a gift card but would rather have the money, there are platforms that buy Gift cards in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Is an option Ipayyou.io that they not only sell cards, but also buy them in exchange for Bitcoin y Bitcoin cash.

2.-A book to inspire mom

Mother's Day Bitcoin gift book

Because a mother inspires us to grow and follow our dreams, this day tells her inspiring stories. A book is a window to new adventures, dreams, projects and a reason to think or be happy. Hopefully there are a lot of shops today on-line of books that accept payments in digital currency.

In Mexico Ghandi bookstores was one of the first institutions to accept cryptocurrency paymentss. They also have various payment methods, including Market payment and they ship all over the world. The bookshop is also counted Dinova, in Chile that accepts payments in Bitcoin under its mechanisms and that it makes deliveries to every part of the country.

Between the two bookstores, they offer a broad catalog of texts on topics as diverse as motherhood, women’s history, biographies, literature, politics, self-help, gastronomy, poetry, design, art, fashion and more. Another way to buy and find hundreds of books is Amazon, where you can also pay with cryptocurrencies Gift cards.

3rd subscription to Netflix

If your mother enjoys audiovisual stories more than reading, she is not yet one of the 140 million subscribers to Netflix, a subscription to the platform Streaming It is an ideal gift for which you do not have to leave the house. It is also possible to keep mothers indoors during quarantine.

By Bit refill, Service subscriptions Streaming The largest in the world can be bought and renewed with five different cryptocurrencies, including one Bitcoin. This platform allows you to buy gift cards for Netflix in euros and US dollars from 25 to 50 USD.

Mother's Day Bitcoin Gift

4.- A. Bitcoin for mum!

For many people, the best way to get to know something is to experience it personally. Why don’t you give him one Bitcoin (or a few satoshis) to your mother to bring her closer to the world of digital finance?

One of the easiest ways to give crypto away is a paper wallet. A more elegant option is to use a wallet hardwareas a Trezor or a General ledgereveryone can be obtained in electronic stores such as Amazon.

However, there are also services that are responsible for simplifying this type of gift. An example is Bit4coin, a platform for giving away Gift cards from Bitcoin.

Mother's Day Bitcoin gift card

Keep in mind that when giving away cryptocurrencies, it is important that the person has a secure wallet to store their assets, as well as knowledge of using digital currencies. If you choose this option, we will leave you some recommendations that you should consider when giving away Bitcoin.

5.- Jewels, flowers, wallets … whatever

Gift options that can be purchased with Bitcoin through various electronic stores, they are endless. Wallets, jewelry, beauty products, clothing, accessories, electronic devices, garden or household items – there is a universe of alternatives.

Next AmazonPlatforms like OpenBazaar, a well-known P2P trading platform that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, are some of the stores that users in Latin America can use to get the ideal gift for mom without leaving home.

There are also various local companies from different areas that accept cryptocurrency payments and work with options. delivery. To know local shops and services, the shopping card Coinmap can be useful. As well as the application CryptoPlaces, for users in Venezuela or the map of Bitso, for users in Mexico.

6.- Buy and receive gifts Bitcoin in exchange

For those who want to save on shopping, there are a few alternatives that can give you rewards Bitcoin when shopping online. One of those services is Lolli, A browser extension that returns up to 30% of your purchase price Bitcoin in more than 500 stores on-line.

For example with Lolli It is possible to get up to 5% in Bitcoin for buying gift flowers for mothers in stores 1-800 flowers. Also purchases in the electronic business Sam’s Club They can include bonuses of up to 9% of the total payment.

And that’s not the only one. The mobile and web application, wrinkles also offers rewards in Bitcoin by buying in different stores. Through the program Setbacks Users can earn crypto while buying Mother’s Day gifts in stores like Macys y Gap, or makeup on Sephoraamongst other things.

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