Important to be careful: Fraudulent emails from Japan asking for a donation with cryptocurrencies to the organization of the Olympic Games in Tokyo are in circulation.


As with other major international events, the COVID-19 pandemic, which currently has more than 3.4 million cases worldwide and caused more than 239,000 deaths, has postponed the upcoming Olympic Games which will take place in Tokyo this year.

Aside from the loss of millions of dollars to the country and the organization of the event, this shift has had specific ramifications for people who are unrelated to the event and have been the victim of email fraud.

As reported CoinTelegraph Today, the postponement of the Olympic Games has triggered a number of online cryptocurrency frauds. One of them is an email that is currently circulating by suspected EU members International Olympic Committee. In these emails, fraudsters ask unsuspecting victims for donations.

The Japanese medium stood out Trend Micro that fraudsters are asking for crypto donations so that Japanese organizers can recover from the economic impact of postponing the world’s largest Olympic sporting event. But that’s totally a lie.

In the fake email, a suspected member of the Olympic Committee claims that the organization has to deal with the loss of money invested in airline tickets, hotels, infrastructure materials, and production reservation agreements.

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In addition, the online fraud email ensures that the government has been forced to raise funds to offset the losses. That’s why they claim that donations in cryptocurrencies are required. The fraudsters add that the international image of the Japanese people will be “seriously damaged” if the unspecified funding target is not met, with the risk of canceling the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This email extends the invitation for people to donate to an alleged crypto wallet Bitcoin (BTC) what they say belongs to the International Olympic Committee, but it is not true. They claim that donors are entitled to buy a ticket to the Olympic Games with a 30% discount.

According to a Trend Micro investigation, more than 400 similar fraudulent emails pertaining to IP addresses from Internet service providers in Japan were sent between April 24 and 26.

Email fraud also with COVID-19

Pandemic crypto fraud is not new. Over a month ago DailyBitcoin He outlined how he was cheated in the UK under false information that crypto would be used for health measures against the corona virus.

Local councils in the Pembrokeshire, Machester and Norfolk counties warned of fraud that exploited the media unrest caused by the corona virus COVID-19 Attract investments that target alleged health campaigns that weren’t real.

According to information published in DailyBitcoinThe people who offered these alleged campaigns came to provide employees with private information about residents who tested positive in the places where they lived, and requested payments Bitcoin and claim to be one of them World Health Organization (WHO) and or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It is always important to learn rFind out fraud. For this purpose, a small tutorial on how to detect crypto fraud was created:

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You can also find out what the Phishing or fraud by email::

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