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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) persists worldwide, more than 1.21 million cases have been confirmed in 204 countries and territories, at least 65,711 deaths. The TokenPocket Foundation (TPF) is a global home and calls us all to fight COVID-19 together.

Introduction to the event

Today, TPF is launching a global event, “WeWearMasks”, to help and encourage people to wear a face mask to protect themselves and their families. With this online campaign we want to extend language skills to the real world and involve more people.

TPF made an initial donation of $ 1,000 in cryptocurrencies and set up wallets for public donations. TPF converts currencies into stable coins and reduces the number of users who need them.

* All information about participants and donations is recorded in the chain at the end.

Event rules

  1. Go to the event page and generate an avatar with a face mask.
  2. Use the mouth mask avatar as an avatar for social networks and share this event with #WeWearMasks on your social networking platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc.).
  3. 10 lucky participants will be selected to receive a mask grant of $ 5 a day.
  4. For every retweet with #WeWearMasks, TPF donates 100 TPT.

Event Tweet: https://twitter.com/TokenPocket_TP/status/1246791435103293441?s=20

Distribution plan for donation funds

  1. TPF will convert the fund into stablecoins every day.
  2. All funds are used for the mask grant.
  3. The amount of the grant and the population is increased based on the total funds.
  4. We will donate the remaining part of the fund to UNICEF, which accepts cryptocurrencies.

Public Donation Directorate

















Special thanks

We are very grateful for the generosity of the following members, who have offered at least $ 200 in cryptocurrency to this event:

链 茶馆 – A reliable means of blockchain
XPET – A blockchain game with elements of animal breeding and card strategy
BOS – Blockchain Enterprise operating system
Liebi Pool – hold the insert chip, you can dismantle every second
Coin Voyage – A blockchain game about the age of discovery
BigGame – A fair and exciting EOS gaming platform
IMEOS – an independent medium that focuses on EOS news

If you are interested in being the official partner (providing funds / media support) for this significant event or having efficient medical care to help people, please contact us at [email protected].

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