What are the most famous bitcoin whales?


As in all asset markets, there are participants in the cryptocurrency market who have a large part of the circulation of this traded product and can manipulate movements. Today we are going to show you which of the most famous bitcoin whales are.

Top 5 most famous Bitcoin whales

It is a difficult task not to count the wallets from the exchanges and to identify the people behind the wallets with the most bitcoin. The privacy that the BTC chain offers by creating pseudonyms to store money.

However, this is not impossible, less in view of the globalization that we live thanks to the Internet.

Some Bitcoin whales have admitted their own identity, while others remain under pseudonyms on social media and are gaining popularity in the exploits they carry out with their belongings.

Media reports have also been sources of information to reveal these powerful tycoons.

Although it is difficult to know which are the most powerful, Below we list the 5 best known.


Michael Novogratz

As a former hedge fund manager and CEO of Galaxy Digital, who was rated a billionaire by Forbes magazine from 2008-2007, he is one of the happiest crypto market participants with a BTC of over $ 1 billion.

With 138,000 Twitter followers, Novogratz has achieved a well deserved 5th place among the best-known Bitcoin whales.

The Winklevoss twins

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are among the first to accumulate more than $ 1 billion in Bitcoin thanks to a $ 11 million purchase in 2013 after winning a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg for over $ 65 million had. At that time, a BTC cost around $ 120.

In addition, they are the only Bitcoin whales that are not only related to cryptocurrencies, but are also brothers and a team.

Tyler, best known on social media, has nearly 200,000 Twitter followers, while Cameron has 166,000. Both are founders of Gemini and the Winklevoss Capital Fund.

Changpeng Zhao

The founder and CEO of Binance is one of the most important icons in the crypto ecosystem.

According to Forbes magazine, between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 million has been accumulated in cryptocurrencies. Much of it is invested in Binance Coin, the symbol of its own exchange, but it is by no means inappropriate to believe that it must have a very good investment in Bitcoin.

Roger See

Also known in the crypto ecosystem as Jesus’ “Jesus Bitcoin”, which is currently mainly associated with the Bitcoin Cash project.

It is estimated that there were around 400,000 Bitcoin in 2014and although it is very likely that it sold the majority, it has shown that it still owns a part.

With almost 500,000 followers in TwitterRoger has earned this 2nd place among the most famous Bitcoin whales.

Brian Armstrong

He is the founder and CEO of Coinbase. From January 2018, he collected his assets in Bitcoin. Today, the company has invested more than $ 1 billion in BTC unitsand the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, so its prosperity continues to grow.

Although Brian is less popular on social media than Roger Ver, he’s one of the biggest whales and a full supporter of the first project. Armstrong currently has 326,800 followers on Twitter.


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