Stablecoin DAI has joined ChamPlay – the FIFA20 virtual soccer tournament – to organize funds for the Argentine Red Cross in the fight against the corona virus.


Two major Argentine athletes, tennis player Diego Schawartzman and footballer Paulo Dybala, infected with COVID-19, organized the weekend ChamPlay Solidaria, a virtual FIFA 20 tournament in aid of the Argentine Red Cross.

The competition will be held this weekend with the participation of 16 players and will be televised by TyC Sports y DirectTV. You can also follow the pages of Facebook by both athletes and on the streaming platform Pull out, on the channel of the Liga de Videojuegos Profesionales (LVP) of Argentina.

The game is divided into two days, each lasting three and a half hours. On Saturday, April 18, at 3:00 p.m. in Argentina, it will be Dybala’s turn to play with seven European athletes from his home in Turin. On Sunday, April 19th, it will be the turn of tennis player Schawartzman, along with other figures from Latin American sports.

This week it was reported that some of the stars who will attend the meeting are Leandro Paredes, footballer for Paris Saint Germain; Facundo Campazzo, base of the Real Madrid basketball team; and Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez, also from Madrid.

Well-known journalists and rapporteurs from football and television will also be responsible for the program.

What will DAI do in the ChamPlay?

The stablecoin DAI joined this ChamPlay, Therefore, donations can be made to the Argentine Red Cross Stablecoin. In addition, the foundation will donate 50,000 DAI (worth $ 50,000) behind DAI to support the solidarity initiative.

“We are very happy to support this event and support this solidarity movement in the world.”, confirmed Mariano DiPietrantonio, Lead community for Dais LATAM.

The DAI Foundation points out that this initiative is not taking place in isolation. Previously, other organizations such as UNICEF had set up a cryptocurrency fund, and French headquarters is accepting donations to DAI to expand funding for projects designed to help the world’s most vulnerable. It also explains that the Argentine Red Cross is accepting donations in cryptocurrencies for the first time.

DAI was launched by in 2017 MakerDAO. It is a cryptocurrency generated by its users through a guarantee deposit and its stable value remains at $ 1. The virtual currency was developed by the foundation. MakerDAO, an autonomous decentralized organization (DAO) that manages the system Dai stablecoin on the blockchain Ethereum. Around 90 million DAIs are issued worldwide today.

If you want to donate this weekend, you can click on the link of the ChamPlay.

Source: DAI press release, Argentine media

Version of M.E. Martinez / DailyBitcoin

Web image from ChamPlay


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