Now you can install a decentralized exchange on your WordPress website or blog with a new plugin advertised by the blockchain and cryptocurrency risk study Draper Goren Holm.

That new plug in The study with Tim Draper, one of the Bitcoin ecosystem enthusiasts and startups related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, was created by another founding member. Alon Gorenusing an API from Totle, one of the startups supported by the study.

In conversation with the Decrypt portal, Goren commented:

One of our portfolio companies, Totle, has created a great way for developers to add decentralized trading and get the best prices on their dapps and products. I told them that the next thing they should do was create a WP plugin to make it easier for everyone since content creators, media companies and the average person are not engineers

When he commented on the idea but was quarantined due to the Covid 19 pandemic, he decided to give it a try.

It bothered them quite a bit and after quarantine, I decided to try building it myself one day. Here we are!

Simple accessories with many advantages

According to Goren, the installation of the plug in It is very simple and with just a few clicks, interested parties can have it on their WordPress site and decide if they want to charge a monetization fee this service on their blogs.

In addition, this addon searches and finds the best rate between the exchanges to perform the operation over the users’ connected network.

It is also open source, customizable, and has some wallets like Metamask, Brave, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet, Enjin and Opera.

On the other hand, Goren explained that there is a way to improve this plug in or to create others based on the projects of other companies under the direction of the studio LunarCRUSH, related to social media data and Degens, associated with sports betting.

Another new feature that can be easily implemented is tips or Tips as Brave had announced on Twitter and Vimeo last year.

I can even create a separate cryptocurrency payment plugin using the Totle API “Pay” function as that would be huge for content creators alone. Imagine that you could accept any token as a form of payment, but automatically display it in your wallet in any token

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