Important facts:
  • Bitcoiners have embodied humor with a dose of philosophy in this form of expression.

  • It is a phenomenon that comes close to the absurd and has accompanied Bitcoin since its inception.

Comedy, irony, satire and the absurd combine in the community Bitcoiner in a single expression: Bitcoin memes. The images, videos and compositions about what happens to the first cryptocurrency go beyond any technical, theoretical or scientific aspect.

Bitcoin memes include those Laughter as the protagonist, ridicule as the main actor and leisure as a screenwriter, all to produce a piece that tries to spread on the Internet without asking permission.

Since the beginning of Bitcoin, memes have been more or less present, always ironic about fiat money, the decisions of politicians on duty, or the upward trends in the market.

There is always something to make fun of or “talk” about, whether for a negative or positive fact for the Bitcoiner community, the ability to reinvent yourself through Bitcoin memes is almost unlimited.

In this compilation, we present some of the most popular Bitcoin memes, some of which have been the subject of an article recently published by developer Jameson Lopp.

Price volatility

Bitcoin gif roller coasterBullish and bearish trends are a constant for making Bitcoin memes. The .gif of the coin in an endless up and down on a roller coaster in a classic within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


Interstellar Bitcoin astronauts

Those who keep their bitcoins for a long period of time or do not sell in the midst of the “panic” of the market are seen as “Hodler”, a problem that has helped capitalize dozens of Bitcoin memes. The allusion to the Interstellar film is one of the community favorites.

Press the market
Market waiting bitcoin

Waiting for the market to experience low potential to get more currencies are a Joy for the creators of Bitcoin memes who constantly satirize for this waiting.

Morpheus and NeoMatrix movie meme bitcoin

The “The Matrix” trilogy is a raw material for Bitcoin memes, in which the characters of Morpheus and Neo are constantly “represented” to defend the future of the cryptocurrency.

To the moon!

Bitcoin Luna memes

Bitcoin’s motivation for BTC to reach an astronomical price in the future is different classic argument for memes because one day their quote will “hit” the moon.

Purchasing power

Buy BTC year memes

Those who hold and hold their Bitcoin positions for years will remember what could be bought with 1 BTC in the past and 1 BTC in the future.

Bitcoin complexity

Bitcoin complexity mem

Explain a no cook The nature of Bitcoin and its worldwide collaboration make a world go undetected when it comes to generating a meme.



For Bitcoin maximalists, there is also a room in the world of memes with “warnings” about their toxicity.


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