In a recent press releaseXapo said that they will soon be able to enjoy an exclusive and innovative digital banking service: a new platform, the most powerful so far, is said.

The new Xapo offers an even better service that will help you simplify your daily finances and get more out of your money. You have everything you need in one place, including access to its exclusive community, additional benefits for members and special offers from the best brands.

You can manage everything from a simple, intuitive and first-class banking application. Everything will have an exclusive support service, available 24 hours a day, every day, and the best cybersecurity technology to protect your money and crypto.

We will be back on the market as a digital bank by the end of the year

We would like to exclusively offer you a new and improved Xapo. Our business and the service we offer you will change. For this reason, it is important that you understand the changes that will affect you and your current Xapo application and how they will affect you.

We are very happy about this transition and cannot wait to offer you an incomparable service: modern banking, bonus and without limits, without hidden costs or complications. So you can enjoy your money anytime, anywhere, they confirm from Xapo.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: Why can’t I open a Xapo account right now? They confirm from the company:

We are expanding our service to create a new digital banking platform. This allows Xapo users to manage their money more easily and securely in all aspects of their financial life. As we renewed our current service to incorporate this new vision, we had to temporarily stop adding new users.

In the next few months and until the introduction of the new Xapo (end of 2020), some functions of your Xapo account may be completely or partially deactivated depending on the country of residence.

But no worry. If we need to make changes, we will notify you in advance. We will also clearly explain what you need to do. You have enough time to withdraw money or ask us questions.

Finally, you can send your questions to Xapo support: [email protected]

We will look out for the next Xapo news from CryptoTrend to become a digital bank.


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