In this quarantine, most of us had to find alternative ways to continue working, studying, etc. That’s why we probably chose video calling services, including zoom. But did you know that business owners can now monetize their zoom calls with cryptocurrencies? SmartSessions is the answer.

How can I get cryptocurrencies with Zoom?

The large American company for communication technology, Zoom Video Communications, has integrated a blockchain-based application for the first time. SmartSessions was developed by 2key.Network and is based on the Ethereum network. It allows business owners to monetize video calls using cryptocurrencies.

The integration of SmartSessions to Zoom opens up a new possibility. This service uses SmartLink technology and enables business owners to combine the registration of their zoom services and the management of payments.

To do this, users can add a paywall to their self-managed zoom video calls. Ultimately, this would simplify and facilitate the process of generating revenue for viewers who access your live video calls. No programming skills are required to set up, it says in the announcement.

With this new SmartSessions option, receiving cryptocurrencies in Zoom is easy. So many can benefit in the midst of this pandemic. Source: Infobae.
With this new SmartSessions option, receiving cryptocurrencies in Zoom is easy. So many can benefit in the midst of this pandemic. Source: Infobae.

What does that mean?

An opportunity for those who teach classes of practically anything. For example, yoga teachers, personal trainers, psychiatrists, and tutors are only a part of those who have been using Zoom lately.

So far, efficient monetization has been a complicated process since all participants had to be billed individually with payments via PayPal or bank transfer.

With SmartSessions, content creators can create a single access link for their customers that automatically completes online payments. Those who use zoom calls can specify the cost per person, session dates and number of participants.

Customers make payments in different cryptocurrencies. To simplify the buying process, 2key enables the purchase of cryptocurrencies via credit cards directly from the platform.

Using cryptocurrencies means for those who offer the Zoom service that they can avoid bank fees and even restrictions. Payments are made quickly and securely on the blockchain.

Because SmartSession links are completely decentralized, a professional session cannot be interrupted by unwanted participants trying to join the call.

Necessity in times of uncertainty

The unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic shook numerous commercial operations. Some have had to close while others have tried to adapt in these unusual circumstances.

Entrepreneurs switch to work environments from home. For example, the number of Zoom users has recently increased from 10 million to 200 million.


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