Light Nite, a game that offers Bitcoin rewards, has announced that you can now play with collectable tokens on its platform. Transactions with these tokens are recorded in the Liquid side chain. This is a new level of experience for the players of this combat simulator in a minimalist style.

The advancement It was released on May 12th. In the development team’s opinion, describe the new features of the characters. Also the way they can be used and the involvement of some Magical Crypto Friends. Unusable collectibles or tokens were designed with the support of Blockstream on the liquid side chain.

Players can view additional information about the properties of these Light Nite tokens on the web platform. To do this, a purchase must be made. At this time, only data on the rarity of the token, the type and its ID in liquid (identification in the side chain) are displayed.

It should be noted that collectibles or non-volatile tokens (NFT) are unique and are not consumed, divided into smaller units, or multiplied together.

A collector researcher for Light Nite

Tools that you can use with tokens include LightNite collectibles a UTXO browser or an unpaid credit. If you go to explorer.lightnite.io, all available skins will be shown.

The Light Nite browser shows which tokens are available or who they belong to. The game also has its own crypto characters and features. Source: blog.lightnite.io

The platform is similar to other Bitcoin explorers. You can filter the assets because they are public and pseudonymous. So they don’t provide any personal information: “When you review a game’s skins, you can see in Liquid the technical details of the details of the asset’s spending or the actual transaction,” the post said.

Characters and more crypto tools to play with

Based on the skin Mr. Hodl, a Light Nite collector’s item was created, which shows him in his gas mask and his black hoodie. In addition, as mentioned earlier, models have been added that are inspired by the characters of Magical Crypto Friends (MCF). Pony, lion, panda and chikun. LightNight also brings visual enhancements to some weapons and they expect the Coronavirus mini-game to be finished soon, as well as character customization.

The statement is that the game’s Satoshis balance now reflects the current balance of external business. And in an upcoming version, the mini games of Satoshi will be awarded for game points. “Due to the terms and services of Steam, we cannot withdraw bitcoins directly from the game, but only from external business,” the blog says.

This is not the first collectible to be recorded in Bitcoin. Rare Pepe, a collector’s item that traveled into space last year, is based on Counterparty, a side chain. The rare Pepe market has a fungible token called Pepe Cash, which can be exchanged on different platforms.


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