Youtube censors another channel for cryptocurrencies – cryptocurrencies


The video platform Youtube has permanently removed the Jason Appleton channel or better known as Crypto Crow.

In the past few months, YouTube has tried to restrict the use of fake accounts and, in the same way, avoid some fraud cases that have registered very frequently. With Crypto Crow, however, this seems to be completely different.

… I have no idea why my channel was affected. They don’t really tell you anything. I am just depressed. I am shocked. I feel like I did everything right

So he denounces in his account Twitter Businessman Jason Appleton said that his Crypto Crow channel on YouTube was canceled without being informed of the reasons why it was removed. That’s why he felt very struck by the sudden decision.

Decisions without the same rigor

In addition, he was impressed by the fact that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently They had taken out information that he allegedly gave with a false account on his behalf.

After checking this, he immediately informed the greats of social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and others with the intention of alerting them and taking action in this regard. “Action is needed” tweeted about it.

“In a time of global crisis, where people are particularly at risk, social platforms must blame scammers (cryptocurrencies and others) for stealing money from innocent victims with fake gifts.”

Was before Youtube has blocked several channels for cryptocurrencies without an explanation for the owners of these channels, some of whom generate their income through the platform.

For this reason, some have decided to switch to the platform. LBRYwhere their content can resist censorship and others have chosen adult content platforms such as Pornhub where you are welcome without censorship.

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