ZuVenezuela: Asonacrip suggests that the petro’s economic crisis caused by Covid-19 be overcome


Announced on March 30th and the comprehensive proposal of the National Association of Cryptocurrencies (Asonacrip) tries “that through the Covid-19 through the Petro ”. Some criticize his proposal.


The National Association of Cryptocurrencies (Asonacrip) of Venezuela announced a comprehensive proposal to deal with the Covid-19 in the countryside, with the government token Petro. This has been reported by the media Banking & businessciting the proposal of the Asonacrip Released earlier this month.

Indeed, since its announcement in Twitter On March 30, and until now in April, the above organization launched its proposal and answered questions from users looking for information and education about cryptocurrencies in a country where there is no educational culture.

Asonacrip, Covid-19 y Petro

One of the measures taken by Asonacrip most relevant in the opinion of Banking & business it forms the Compensation plan for private companies and self-employed workers with the Petro-Token (PTR) via the Patria system, during detention in Venezuela.

Asonacrip is a non-profit organization whose main task is to promote the use of digital assets. In general, the union suggests, among other things:

  • Creation of 335 ticket counters Petro for every mayor’s office in the country,
  • Trust in PTR for workers;
  • Credits in PTR for national companies.

The medium said that proposed measures Asonacrip would be executed “under state guarantees that the executive has increased “ through the Petro app or through the platform homeland.

Taxes payable on Petros

Also said Banking & business that in addition to the above measures, Asonacrip suggests doing that Payment of tax in the amount of bolivar, expressed in Petros, which must be calculated after a three-month grace period. This in a loan Petros of interest for 12 months.

They also suggest adding the couple BTC– –PTR for your exchange within homeland and add the government token to this platform’s current money transfer system. “to promote its use “.

According to data from DailyBitcoinThis reality could happen at any time: on January 14, the national government announced that it would adjust the system homeland to make it the largest stock exchange in the country. In December the SUNACRIP (National superintendance of cryptocurrencies) showed that he would use homeland regulate cryptocurrency trading in the country.

VeMonedero and education Fintech

On the other hand, the Asonacrip also proposed to the state to promote the use of all cryptocurrencies and the system’s digital wallet homeland (VeMonedero) as a means of payment in shops. Likewise, the creation of a study center for human capital training on topics Fintech.

They also recommend all media to include educational topics Blockchain and the development of money. They also suggest that companies take part in a large campaign to take over the use of platforms Fintech and cryptocurrencies.

The proposal of the Asonacrip It was received by some users with a degree of optimism. For others, however This does not avoid the problems of putting it into practice.

The community challenges the proposal

Venezuela is a country where, despite its large cryptocurrency level movement, it has poor communication and internet infrastructure, which in turn has a major impact on the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Economist Aaron Olmos, an expert on cryptocurrencies in the country, has spoken for a long and intense time, stressing that Venezuela is not a “Cryptonization“”

The user @ottojoseperezFor example, he complained about it Many users have no smartphone or internet connection to experiment with Petro and the VeMonedero. Instead, he suggested that Mobile wallet::

@arodhain turn recommended to use the text message type Dash text, Given the impossibility of having stable 3G and 4G connections in the country:

Another important concern that users expressed in their replies to Tweetis related to the weak and unreliable internal infrastructure of the Petro, since many operations remain in the air, judging by that Tweet from @ Srjauregui::

It is therefore to be expected what will happen to this proposal in a national context, which is the result of the Covid-19and its consistent contribution to an economic crisis that has been developing for years.

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Sources: Banking & business, Twitter.

Report by Arnaldo Ochoa / DailyBitcoin.

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