Amid fear and uncertainty COVID-19Many people fall victim to fraud in fraudulent crypto schemes XRP. Now Ripple demand to YouTube. Other news from CBDC, Dharma and the United States.


Ripple demand to YouTube for the increase of “false imitations and fraud gifts” with XRP

The payment company is based on Blockchain, Rippledecided to take legal action against YouTube from (allow) “dangerous online gifts (leading to fraud and false imitations)“, Including their home currency, XRP.

Announced and cited by Yesterday Financial magnatesThe San Francisco-based startup named several social media companies, including Facebook y Twitterto allow such activities. However, the legal steps were only taken against the video platform from Google.

Ripple he said sued YouTubeand asked him between “other things“Let it be”Be more aggressive and proactive in identifying these scams before they are released“” He also asked “faster elimination of these scams “ as soon as that happens and finally the “don’t take a profitFrom them.

The company said that the wrong gifts u “Fraud gifts“They are aimed at users of social networks in turbulent times, as we are currently experiencing due to the quarantine of COVID-19. This obviously leads to the loss of millions of dollars in human resources.

Apparently Ripple demand to YouTube after several local and global regulators warned of many online scams that took advantage of people’s fears of the outbreak COVID-19 and ask for blackmail in cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the crypto community has become quite troubled and has triggered various reactions in positive and negative social networks throughout the day.

The Dutch central bank wants to lead the development of CBDC

Nederlandsche Bank, the central bank of the Netherlands, said it wants to be a global leader in central bank digital currency development (CBDC).

A bulletin published yesterday by the Dutch financial institution on its website states that physical cash is declining. “clearIn the Netherlands, this means that people use less money from the central bank to buy things.

Its advantages include a CBDC could “Promote diversity in the payments market“In addition to more efficient cross-border payments, the bank said. Perhaps most importantly, it can help.”Building trust in the monetary system in uncertain timesHe added.

The freedom to exchange money from the commercial bank for money from the central bank is essential as it helps to maintain people’s essential trust in the monetary system, the bank argued. That is why the bank commits to a “positive attitude” despite the potential risks CBDC.

If the European Central Bank decided to try this system, which recently expressed that it would and that it is still being planned. “We are ready to play a leadership role“Said the Dutch central bank.

Crypto credit platform Dharma already allows sending money over Twitter

Dharma, a peer-to-peer credit platform (P2P) based on Ethereumhas started social payments, the media said The block crypto. Dharma is supported by well-known investors, including Coinbase Ventures, Polychain Capital y Y combiner. The company raised USD 7 million in February 2019.

Introducing (the new feature) social payments – a native Twitter financial ecosystem.

Today you can send USD $ to any Twitter account no matter where that person lives, even if they don’t have a Dharma account.

* All * Twitter accounts now accept payments (and earn interest!)

Dharma said the recipients would start earning interest “as soon asSomeone sends you money before you claim it. It’s not clear what the interest rate is, Dharma According to its website, it currently offers 3.5% interest per year.

Founded in 2017, Dharma switched to a new platform connection in August 2019. So instead of offering your own proprietary smart contracts, Dharma allowed its users to use the liquidity fund and smart contracts from connection. This enables lenders to earn interest on deposits immediately.

The judge issues arrest warrants against the former Washington senator involved in alleged crypto fraud

A Texas federal judge issued arrest warrants against a former Washington state senator and his partner after not appearing in an audience. This was reported by the Cryptopotato media, which added that two men, David Schmidt and Robert Dunlap, were involved in an alleged incident Called cryptocurrency fraud Target 1 coin.

To DiarioBitcoin, on March 20 this year the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Announced that it had received asset freezes and other emergency assistance to stop ongoing security fraud. Robert Dunlap and Nicole Bowdler founded the project in 2018. Later that year, David Schmidt, a former Senator from the US state of Washington, joined the couple as a member of the “Board”.

The SEC decided against the trio to work together to market and sell an alleged cryptocurrency fraud called Target 1 coin. The lawsuit argued that the defendants had made numerous false and misleading statements to potential and actual investors.

According to the complaint, the accused Meta 1 coins were never distributed. Instead, they used investor funds to pay for personal expenses and pass on earnings to other parties. He added that the trio had raised more than $ 4.3 million from more than 150 investors inside and outside the United States.

Sources: Financial magnates, DNB, The Block Crypto, Cryptopotato.

Arnaldo Ochoas Overview / DailyBitcoin.


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