Purse, the platform for Amazon purchases of cryptocurrencies, announced today that it would cease operations on Thursday, April 16. From the same day, opening new accounts in the system is disabled, the company said in a statement.

In this text, the Purse team stated that it “had to make the difficult decision to liquidate the company” and to thank those who used their platform, recommended it, or contributed in any way to their growth.

The reason for this decision is business problems and low profitability, confirmed in direct contact with CriptoNoticias Eduardo Gómez, Head of Support at Purse. Gomez noted that since Purse was founded in 2014, the intention has been to give Bitcoin another use case.

The Purse representative also stated that he has had problems maintaining the company’s profitability for the past two years. During this time he said: They reduced the staff until they had a dozen people. Seven of them, including Venezuelans, are Venezuelans.

The instruction states that The wallet will definitely close on June 26th. In the meantime, they will continue to provide support and assistance for ongoing withdrawal requests and requests to “ensure that all transactions and accounts are processed”.

From next week on April 23 It is also not possible to create new orders or to reconcile orders. In other words, orders that have not been matched by a counterparty on the platform by that date will be canceled. Those who do will continue to work.

In this regard, Gómez assured them “they are obliged to carry out a fairly responsible closure”. This refers to the two-month support they offer and the time in advance they tell their users about the closure of their services.

On the other hand The statement urges users who currently manage money on the platform to withdraw it “as soon as possible”..

Purse, intermediary for purchases from Amazon

Recall that Purse served as an intermediary between people interested in buying Bitcoin on Amazon and those who want to buy Bitcoin by doing these purchases on the online shopping platform.

Basically The platform coordinated between the person who wanted to buy a particular product on Amazon and the person who wanted to buy the same value from BTC. This person made the purchase on Amazon and when the buyer confirmed receipt of the product, the funds in Bitcoin were released.

In late March, an investigation submitted by BitMex placed Purse among the main organizations that are currently contributing to the development of Bitcoin. The list reported by CryptoNews reflected that there were 6 people on Purse who contributed to open source initiatives in Bitcoin.


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